5G Stack poem - by ChatGPT

I asked ChatGPT to write a poem on 5G Stack. And I was surprised to see the response: :smile:

In the world of 5G, technology soars,
With speed and efficiency, it opens doors.
From the physical to the network, each layer plays a role,
Working together, to create a seamless whole.

PHY, the foundation, it starts the race,
With signals strong, and the right pace.
It handles the data, as it flows through the air,
Ensuring the transmission, is beyond compare.

MAC, the controller, it manages the flow,
With algorithms efficient, it ensures the show.
It coordinates the data, as it travels through,
Making sure the system, is working like glue.

PDCP, the compressor, it saves on space,
With headers reduced, it sets the pace.
It compresses the data, to minimize the size,
Optimizing the system, with each byte it tries.

RRC, the manager, it oversees all,
With the network connected, it makes the call.
It regulates the data, and manages the flow,
Ensuring the system, runs smooth and slow.

NAS, the communicator, it sends and receives,
With signals clear, and no lag it achieves.
It transfers the data, between the core and edge,
Ensuring the system, is always in pledge.

So these are the layers, in the 5G stack,
Each playing its part, in a never-ending track.
With speed and efficiency, they bring the world alive,
In the world of 5G, they thrive.

Source: Krishna Madhav Srivastav on LinkedIn: #5g #technology #network


And this one is in the style of Shakespeare.

Another one from ChatGPT, now for IoTโ€ฆ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

In the world of IoT, a symphony of tech,
With devices, that communicate, without a glitch or a peck,
From the edge, to the cloud, the flow runs smooth,
Cellular IoT, a network, of innovation, so cool.

At the edge, the devices, collect data with pride,
With sensors, that measure, environmental changes, inside,
From temperature, to pressure, to light, so bright,
Data collection, the first step, in cellular IoT, so right.

And the gateway, the intermediary, that bridges the gap,
Bringing data, from devices, to the cloud, in a snap,
With protocols, like MQTT, and CoAP, so tight,
Data transmission, secure, and always in sight.

And in the cloud, data is stored, and analyzed, with care,
With Big Data, and AI, insights are always there,
From real-time monitoring, to predictive maintenance, so rare,
The cloud, the epicenter, of cellular IoT, with flair.

And the applications, the end-users, that reap the reward,
With software, that leverages, the data, so hoard,
From smart homes, to factories, to cities and farms,
The applications, the drivers, of cellular IoT, with its charms.

And the network, the backbone, that makes it all possible,
With LTE, and 5G, data transmission, unstoppable,
With low latency, and high bandwidth, it never stalls,
The network, the foundation, of cellular IoT, with its halls.

And the security, the armor, that protects the flow,
With encryption, and firewalls, no data breach, can grow,
With privacy, and authenticity, as top priorities, so bold,
The security, the guardian, of cellular IoT, so cold.

And the management, the conductor, that orchestrates it all,
With OTA updates, and device monitoring, it never falls,
With scalability, and automation, itโ€™s always in control,
The management, the leader, of cellular IoT, with its role.

So there you have it, the flow, of cellular IoT,
With devices, and data, connected, in perfect harmony,
From the edge, to the cloud, itโ€™s a symphony, so sweet,
Cellular IoT, a network, of technology, so complete.