5G RAN Paging for UE in the RRC Inactive State

› Here I try to depict how a UE in the RRC Inactive state can be paged when the downlink user plane data is arrived at the UFP(User Plane Function) and then the suspended radio connections (DRBs and SRBs) are activated by UE upon receiving RRCResume message from the gNB.

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› To understand the procedure, I have prepared a video and uploaded it on my YouTube channel. Here you can find the video link:

Youtube: 5G RNA and RAN Paging Procedure for UE in RRC Inactive state, by Rahim Navaei #5g #4g #telecom - YouTube

This presentation explains about the concept of 5G RAN Area, RNA (RAN-based Notification Area), the way to send the RNA to the device using RRC Release with suspend configuration and also 5G RAN Procedure for UE in the RRC Inactive state.

  • UE Context
  • Xn Interface
  • RRC Inactive State
  • I-RNTI
  • Paging DRX Cycle
  • 5G system, 5G Base Station, gNB, NG-RAN, 5GC (5G Core), AMF, SMF, UPF, DN