5G - Radio over Fiber (RoF) Architecture with vRAN mode

As we are evolving, we are finding new ways of providing hashtag5G hashtagcoverage and hashtagcapacity with utmost Low hashtagLatency & Loss, using millimeter-wave technology.

  • Background => Use of Millimeter-wave technology / signals is crucial for Beyond 5G/6G, especially for high-speed indoor applications due to the high volume of mobile data traffic coming from indoors (i.e. 80%).

  • Challenges faced => Due to law of Physics, we know that Millimeter signals get weak when transmitted over a distance and require line of sight for good quality. Dense deployment of small antenna units (DA) or hashtagIBS / hashtagPicocells hashtagSmallcells can address this, but traditional technologies are bulky, power-hungry, and too expensive - in short they are not cost effective !

  • Solution: As per hashtagIEEE, Radio-over-fiber (RoF) system with a 1-bit transmission method offers a way to build compact and affordable DAs, enabling wider adoption of millimeter-wave for Beyond 5G/6G.

When we use 5G Radio over Fiber (RoF) with virtualized RAN (vRAN), which separates radio functions (vRU) to the edge using fiber for low-loss, high-bandwidth transmission, enabling denser deployments and improved network flexibility for meeting 5G’s high capacity demands.

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Ref :- https://ims-ieee.org/

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