5G PTRS UL&DL Frequency Density Configuration for PDSCH PTRS

Hi Experts,
I would like to understand the meanin of Kpt-rs for NRB0&1 given under 3GPP TS.38.214 chapter 6.2.3
and TS38.331.
What actually that value determines in gnb? In UE capability UE does not report Kpt-rs values therefore gnb needs to determine it for UE.

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Location of PTRS for Kpt-rs=4 with Lpt-rs=4

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Hi @Jaeku_Ryu thanks a lot for the article.
I have one question:
what should be DLptrs Nrb0 and Nrb1 frequency density values for 100 mhz cell for optimum throughput?
nrb0=1 nrb1: some value between 1 273 but how to decide the optimum value?
I have some examples from N21, N7
N7 (10mhz): nrb0:1 nrb1=53
N21(20mhz): nrb0:1 nrb1:64

you are welcome.
I don’t think there is any single criteria for determining that value.
Basically PTRS is also a kind of overhead like DMRS, so it would be the best if you can avoid enabling it. That’s why we don’t enable it in most of FR1… but it may be unavoidable in FR2. You need to tweak the parameter depending on channel condition.