5G Private Networks: Reality vs. Hype

Considered a hype for some time, 5G is bringing Private Networks to reality.

A lot of companies are running 5G Private Network projects, and these are some of the key lessons from real implementations we can summarize till now:

  1. There is no "one-size’-fits-all’ for private networks.
  2. Each industry may require different access solutions
  3. It needs a decision wethear to move from Wifi to 5G due to handover issues
  4. Wifi indoor has poor handover, compared to 5G
  5. This created challenges for indoor mobility use cases
  6. Latency results for 5G are around 10-16ms. (1ms is hype)
  7. Good use cases: Remote and Virtual inspection
  8. It’s very important to research to decide good partners
  9. Spectrum: also to decide Bandwith (i.e. 100Mhz) and Frequency (3.5Ghz)
  10. It is critical to include all the ecosystem in this project including chip manufacturers, suppliers and partners.

Any other point to consider, when a company want to adopt 5G private network?