5G power distribution

Hi Experts

In 5G we have EIRP = Tx RF Power(dBm) + G(dB) - L(dB) , ss-PBCH-BlockPower and in LTE we have RS power ,PA and Pb .
do we have such concept in 5G like in LTE where we can play with Pa/Pb to fullfill our coverage
or throughput need?

5G do not have Pa, Pb as LTE.
In LTE, CRS is transmitted.
For multi antenna ports, some RE is muted, not transmit anything.
The power of these RE can be utilized for other signal/channel power.
This is basis of Pa, Pb.
But 5G NR do not have like CRS.


Thank you for your explanation.
So in case of 5G how we can control the coverage / throughput or just need to play with EIRP?