5G PAGING clarification


There any difference in 5G paging. I need details on

  1. PAGING procedures
  2. Paging type
  3. Paging occasiona
  4. What are the parameter for paging

Vijay anand

So first thing is to check from Network side is that UE registered and or in Idle mode that’s known at TA level and perform the Paging Procedure.
Below is the Paging procedure to understand how it works.
• UEs in 5GMM-Registered/5GMM-Idle are known at TA (Tracking Area) Level.
• AMF sends a NGAP Paging request to the UE when it has signalling or mobile-terminated data
to be sent to this UE (if not Mobility Restriction exists).
• RAN receives and decodes NGAP paging messages.
• For each cell belonging to any of the TA indicated in the NGAP Paging “List of TAIs” IE, gNB
prepares RRC Paging and send it to UE. UE responds to RRC paging message with a Random
Below impage show you how paging works on TA level.

However UE in Idle mode do this.
• uses Discontinuous Reception (DRX) to reduce power consumption
• It monitors one Paging Occasion (PO) per DRX cycle associated with a Paging Frame (PF)
Also its good to remember the below points specially for NR(5G) is that
=> The length of a Paging Frame is one radio frame (10 ms)
=> One Paging Occasion can address 32 UEs

Below are the few parameters for Paging:-

Thanks for sharing… few queries

  1. Can u show pictures on paging frame format how paging occasion occurs
  2. DRX picture
  3. DRX parameter
  4. Tracking area update and RAN area update are different?
  5. Whether any timers involved in the paging
  6. P-RNTI?
  7. RRC paging… types of paging…