5G NTN: Total Overview of Satellite Integration into 5G

Hello dear community!

I would like to introduce my course on 5G NTN: Total overview of satellite integration into 5G networks.

Welcome on board and let’s get started!

This will be a deep dive into every aspects, gaining a solid understanding of 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN).

The course exploring the Satellite landscape, its background, motivations, economic considerations, key features and challenges, including mobility scenarios, new types of handovers, cell and NR beams coverage for NTN.

Critical topics such as 5G NTN security, latency, and the all possible adjustments in 5G NR protocols are addressed to facilitate seamless communication with diverse satellites.

An architectural exploration of 5G NTN, insights into 3GPP 5G NTN roadmaps, and look into future 6G NTN aspects.

Navigate the regulatory landscape and policy considerations along with an overview of famous projects like Starlink, OneWeb by Amazon, and contributions from industry giants such as Apple and Qualcomm, providing real-world applications of 5G NTN.

Upon completion, you will emerge with a robust comprehension of the interplay between these two transformative technologies.

Let’s explore together this cutting-edge intersection of 5G and Satellite networks, opening in a new era of connectivity!

Including next topics (but not only them):

5G NTN architecture
Transparent mode
Regenerative payload
Elliptical beam
5G NTN mobility
Polar and Walker constellations
5G NTN Release 18
NTN Timing Advance
5G SIB19
5G NTN Random Access
5G NTN Latency / RTT
5G NTN cell-beam-PCI planning
5G conditional handover
5G Distance Based handover
Event D1 D2 T1 T2
Feeder link switch over
5G NTN bands
5G NTN security
3GPP NTN specifications
Inter-satellite links