5G NSA internet interruptions

Hello dear Gents
Can any one explain why sometimes in this 5G NSA the customers get disconnections suddenly and connects again,
It seems like the enodeb sends some release message to the UE, but why doed this happens if everything in radio coverage is fine?

If LTE colocated with 5G or non colocated its SINR and RSRP does makes difference in sending Sgnb addition request ,in poor LTE radio conditions 5G disconnections happens .

This will simply require to improve radio conditions for LTE anchor.

If NR UL rsrp is poor for that 5G customer then also disconnections can be expected , this can be found out by trace results or DT and then can be improve by various method for improving 5G UL coverage .

Hi Brother
Appreciated the response really
But bro even the UL coverage proved to be good.
Could it be momentarily get a poor coverage in UL then the NW send the release command to the device?
Because the initiative comes from the NW by this release command

What is the cause you are seeing in a release msg ?


Can you share some traces or logs where you see the drop in LTE and NR side.

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Let me check again bro

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Check on the eNB side whether there is SCG Failure Information NR. If there is, you should be able to see the cause from the logs.

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