5G NR UL-DL Time Domain Resource Allocation with the help of Downlink DCI (k0, k1 & k2) and Layer-3 messages (RRC)

TDD configuration may be dynamically and/or statically, semi-statically signaled to user equipment devices by a base station.
Semi-static TDD configuration may include: an initial portion for DL transmission;a flexible portion; and a terminal portion for UL transmission.
TDD structure of the flexible portion may be determined later by transmission of dynamic physical layer configuration information such as downlink control information (DCI) and/or slot format indicator (SFI).

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Note: Periodicity is 0.625 ms but in the figure this is 625 ms which is not correct.

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Here, somehow the self contained slot isn’t well defined, right?

t’s only when k0=k1=0, we call it as self contained slot?

Having just k0=0 isn’t enough in my opinion…