5G NR Private Network - Cafetele

Hello dear Experts.

I would like to share my latest presentation on 5G NR Private Network.

Here you will see a brief introduction (Whats is 5G) and a review of 5G NR Architecture and 5G Core Architecture.

Then you will know What are Private Networks, its Benefits and a Comparison of Private 4G/5G Networks versus Wi-Fi 6.

Following, a talk about NR Private Network Deployments, like LTE Solution, 5G NSA Solution and 5G SA Solution.

You will also see NPN (Non Private Networks), like SNPN (Stand-alone non-public network).

A talk about Industrial IoT (I-IoT) and 5, Private Networks for I-IoT and Industrial IoT (I-IoT) and Industrial IoT vs Massive IoT.

Fianlly, Private Networks Deployment Considerations and Spectrum Options for Private Networks & I-IoT.

Hope you enjoy it.

Youtube: 5G NR PRIVATE NETWORK - YouTube