5G NR Numerology quick answers

Hi NR Experts.

Few queries…

  1. For f < 3 GHz: sub carrier spacing 15, 30, 60 kHz valid or 15 kHz valid only?

  2. Does FDD deployment valid for f < 3 GHz only?

  3. For FDD deployment only SCS 15 kHz used or 30 kHz valid as well?

  4. For f < 3 GHz any network having TDD deployment?

All 3 possible by spec.


I saw 15 kHz only.

I don’t think so SA. Maybe DSS?

2600 TDD NR I tested, but no deployment right now.

40 MHz 30 kHz same as > 3 GHz spec.

nsa or sa same.

Yes !

2.3 GHz TDD NR 100 MHz BW we have it live.

Some operators SA, majority are NSA, all major operators in Saudi have N40 & N41.