5G NR csi-rsrp power control

Hi 5G Experts:
Question: has anyone experience with csi-rsrp power control?
At least where I can read about it?

I see in UE logs that csi-rsrp is different than SSB RSRP:

csi-rsrp is stronger than SSB RSRP.

How do you see csi-rsrp?
SSB no power control.
csi has pc, fix or dynamic, I am not sure.

Some special logs there is csi-rsrp.
What is weird is that ssb graph and ssb graph are different.
I know that ssb poweer is fixed given by IE ss-PBCH-BlockPower IE.
That means csi-rs does not have fix power.

Is this csi-rs beam rsrp?

It is csi-rs reference signal rsrp.
Not csi-rs beam rsrp.

In same log is it used for mobility purpose?

I have not checked this.