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Are you Open to join as speaker in #5G Online Conference Meeting, ‘LIVE’ on Youtube?

We have invited more than 280 speakers from 52 countries.

The 35th season session- XCHANGING IDEAS #35 Global 5G Evolution.

#Options Key Area:

  1. AI & Machine Learning in Vertical Industries
  2. 5G Smart Construction
  3. 5G EDGE & Cloud - consistency of performance & reliability.
  4. 5G 4k & 8k Video streaming & AR, VR.
  5. 5G Smart Tourism
  6. 5G in Entertainment World
  7. 5G Smart Transportation
  8. 5G Smart Manufacturing
  9. 5G Network Slicing, slices of network- secure environment to operate- Keep the data secured.
  10. 5G in Smart Agriculture
  11. 5G Gaming, Esports, Mobile Gaming - Real time
  12. Mixed Reality -Field service team with HoloLens to reduce downtime & ensure a first-time fix.
  13. Smart Oil & Gas - Video Surveillance Analytics
  14. 5G Future Apps- Sharing streaming videos, Robots, AGVs, Cobotics, augmented reality, quality control, Edge to operate faster.
  15. 5G Private Network
  16. 5G UAV
  17. 5G Open RAN
  18. 5G Release 18
  19. 5G RAN
  20. 5G Security
  21. Immersive Experience
  22. Telco Cloud
  23. 5G Metaverse

I’d like to invite you to a 60 minute Virtual Conference, on 7th March, 2023, 08:00am GMT (4pm SGT). 10 mins each of us to give an update on specific key areas above or other related.

If you interested to speak on any relevant topic for 10 mins, pls message me on specific topic that you would like to speak, yr email add & I will reach out you on details.

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