5G Network Slicing monitoring

Dear Experts,

We all network slicing in 5G NR - when we use of network virtualization and separate one single network connection into multiple slices.
Those multiple different connections gives us resources to different types of traffic.

But my question is: how can we identify 5G Network Slices? Only via logs, drive test, kpis?

In other words, how to identifty 5G NR Network Slices?

Well, I never worked with slicing on NR, but I assume that the logic will be the same as the “slicing” we have on LTE.

In LTE you have RAN counters which separate traffic under the same cell per QCI1, PLMN, SPID, etc…

On CN, you have other types of separate traffic, such as, TAC, APN, plus the same ones from RAN.

In other words, it is very likely you will be able to separate Slicing metrics as well, whatever is the criteria used for each Slice.

The data is there, it is only a matter on what the vendors will consider as important to be showed separated per slice.

Same logic applies for network traces ad probes. For UE logs, on the UE point of view, it belongs to it’s slice, so a log is a log as it is today.

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