5G Network Slice Selection During Registration with AMF Re-Location

  • The Registration request is prepared by 5G device as 5G NAS Mobility Management Message (NAS-5GMM) message and is sent to the AMF. The Registration request includes a number of mandatory and optional IEs (Information Element).

  • Requested NSSAI (Network Slice Selection Information) is an optional IE (Information Element) within NAS-5GMM includes maximum 8 Network Slices, each of which is identified by s-NSSAI (Single NSAAI). The 5G device based upon the local configuration or policies delivered by the network (PCF) can prepare the Requested NSSAI.

  • During Registration, the initial AMF using the information, e.g. Requested NSAAI and subscribed NSSAI received from the device and UDM respectively and as well as inquiry from NSSF (Network Slice Selection Function) is able to check whether it can handle the registration process or it should re-route the registration request to another AMF (target AMF) for the further action. The target AMF then prepares the allowed and configured NSAAI and delivers it to the device via NAS-5GMM Registration Accept message.

  • Here I try to depict 5G network slice selection during registration with AMF re-Location.

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