5G MIB decoded, but no other message in Log

Hello Experts.
In 5g I am able to decode MIB, but after that unable to decode SIB1 and other message.
It’s 5G SA network.
In XCAL drive test tool I am getting only 5G MIB information - not getting any other message.

Any suggestion?

17:14:16.506 02:34:18.599 <— BCCH:BCH 5GNR 5GNR MasterInformationBlock

PC Timestamp: [ 2021 Nov 13 17:14:16.506 ]

Version : 3
Major.Minor Version : 0.3
Physical_Cell_ID : 7
DL_Frequency : 633312
sfn : 292
block_index : 0
half_number : 0
intra_freq_reselection : ALLOWED(0)
cell_barred : NOT_BARRED(1)
pdcch_config_sib1 : 210
dmrs_typea_position : POS2(2)
ssb_subcarrier_offset : 0
subcarrier_spacing_common : SCS30(1)

   0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7    8  9  A  B  C  D  E  F   0123456789ABCDEF

00000 1A 00 22 B8 8A 0C 95 A3 83 06 F6 00 03 00 00 00 …"…
00010 07 00 E0 A9 09 00 24 81 D2 42 …$…B


I have two instrument one with mobile phone ( connected with xcal drive test tool) and other one is Ue emulator . In XCAL drive test tool i am unable to decode any message other than MIB. But in Ue emulator i can able to getting all the 5G SA mode information. Why i cannot able to decode in my phone

check with other Mobile & test again ,maybe issue with UE.

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Checked with other mobile also same issue not showing SIB1 msg in 5G… Testing with mobile phone with xcal drive test tool only MIB is decoded , but using 5G Ue emulator ( 5G testing equipment ) i can able to decode the all the message

It’s really difficult to conclude what’s happening with the present info. UE log analysis is needed. The first step of debugging would be to see if the UE is decoding PDCCH/PDSCH after MIB with SI_RNTI. is the UE doing that?

Hi @pradeep,

Ue is not able to decode pdcch or pdsch while testing with mobile phone with xcal drive test tool, only MIB is captured

But with Ue emulator testing tool I can be able decode all 5g messages

Hi @Vijay_Anand,
Although am not into testing domain, may I know,
Is not emulator and UE with Xcal use same node for testing?

If node is same and MIB carries same information to decode PSCCH and then PDSCH,
How come emulator decodes it but tested two different UE can’t?

Is the only Xcal not displaying? Or UE not decoding?

Just my thought…

It is wireless testing with gNB equipment radiating the 5G n78 standalone band, where gNB is wireless transmitting the signal.
UE emulator and drive test tool XCAL is separate tool.

UE emulator from gNB able to capture wireless signal, and I am able to decode the all message.

But using XCAL drive test tool from gNB to Normal mobile phone I am unable to capture any message other than the MIB is broadcasted.

Which may suggest it is XCal parsing/display issue, not UE or configuration over gNB?

maybe XCAL requires different licenses for SA and NSA?