5G Measurement Selection

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One eNB can be connected to only one gNB… In case of measurement based triggering, is it possible to select candidate NR cell belonging to another eNB or it will be only co-located gNB?

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Are you saying your vendor doesn’t support multiple X2 for engNBs?
This sounds odd.

General question, whatever the vendor.

I was asking about vendors because you stated one eNB connected to only one gNB.

This kind of X2 limitations are usually imposed by vendors, meaning, it may not be true to all vendors.
Now we better understand your question, there is no restrictions to co-located only.

This is operator’s choice of rollout. Non co-located scenarios, however, will increase the 5G effective footprint but will take a cost on X2/transport load once you will need to reroute user plane traffic from one site to another one if you choose to use LTE air interface as well.

It all depends on the operator’s strategy.


For NSA , one eNB generally shud have few gNBs in the locality as NBRs and not just the Colocated ones, the HO control is done by eNB only in NSA case.

SA can obviously have 1gNB to multiple gNB nbr configurations

HO control is done by eNB only in NSA case

What about, SgNB Initiated mobility cases?

Always eNB

Yes sgNB can also initiate NR-NR HO to Non-colo gNB cell (in fact in MR, those cell will always appear) and if defined properly, HO will be completed as well.

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