5G MCS table for PUSCH 256 QAM

I am searching 38.214 and cannot find 5G MCS table for PUSCH 256 QAM. Only for 64 QAM.
It is strange because I see important share of NR UL 256 QAM samples during drive test.
But why UL MCS table is missing for 256 QAM?

Can you show 3gpp table of MCS UL 64 QAM?
I remember it just says MCS UL same as DL.

That is what I also remember.

I found the reason: for 256 QAM is same table for PDSCH and PUSCH! :wink:

In case of LTE tm7,8,9 we have more RS signal.
So, less RE for pdsch.
Does mcs → tbs table will change?

64 QAM MCS table is different for DL and UL.

Yes, for NR is different for UL and DL for 64 QAM.
Bt for 256 QAM UL and DL NR is the same.

Yes, corrrect.

But I didn’t knew that till reading 38.213.
I was looking for PUSCH 256 QAM table and it was not there…

It’s same, that’s why.

I didn’t find any new MCS table for tm mode 7, 8, 9.
Due to use of overheads ie DMRS, CSI-RS pdsch RE are less.

MCS table is same.
It doesn’t matter actually.
That is compensated by higher CQI.
That’s why you will always find higher CQI for MM sites.

We done comparison of tm3 vs tm8 cell throughput.

tm3 observed at higher side.
With single user testing done.

For tm8 some of pdsch RE consumed by DMRS.

As per Huawei, TM8 requires (is recommended) two transmit antennas of the UE to achieve the gain.

It’s is applicable for TM7 also.

Didn’t get this why 2 tx antenna.

To send the SRS in UL.
It is recommended. Not mandatory.
Recently I got a very good improvement in terms of throughput after enabling a switch called fakeantennaSelection.

Ok, do you mean dual SRS feature I heard it but never use.
Single srs used to assign weights to Antenna elements.
Can you please elaborate more for dual SRS?
Is it UE dependent feature?
Any IE to check?

In Ericsson and Nokia recommend TM8 while ZTE and Huawei recommend TM7.