5G MBB device 2 APN does not get 5G speed

anybody worked with 2 APN scenario, 1st one is for management of the device and 2nd is for internet.
when we configure management apn first device has 5G icon and sgnb addition is done as well as erab modification was success to gnb but device does not have 5G speed.
In 2nd case, when we switch internet apn first , signalling is identical but this time we have 5G speed.
from ran perspective enb does not have anythign with APNs and i see sgnb addition and erab modifitication was all success in each case.
We should not see 2 erab modification request for switching S1 to GNB for 2nd apn also ?

Inside eran modification indication, you should see both erabs and whether they are both pointingvto NR IP or LTE IP

erab modification comes only for 1st Apn .
any 3gpp reference to adress that design with multiple apn? Thanks @O.B

Speeds could be due to AMBR
I dont there is specific design for 2 APNs
They are just 2 erabs and if both APNs are configured, next session will have one erab modiccation with information about 2 erabs

In erab modification: (Correction there is not only 1 APN) There are 2 , one is modified RAB , another one not modified RAB but there are always 2.

there are always 2 APN carried, 1st APN(TR65) is maangement IP belongs to LTE
2nd apn(Internet) belongs to 5G IP.
But device gets 4G speed.
when we swap APNs , mgmt apn is 2nd and internet APN is 1st, this time we get always 5G
So it is like Device follows the first APN tech always.
The question is why management apn goes to LTE and internet APN binded to 5G, but device still follow 1st APN IP.

both apn speed limit is same from HSS so the restriction point is ran. When Ue follows LTE tunnel via s1, it has 4g speed, when it has 5g s1 ip it follow 5G speed.
But only follow 5G ip if first apn is internet.

In the RAN, erab is related to QCI and ARP but not necessarily APN

Are the 2 bearers have same QCI/ARP?

yes both QCI9 and same arp

problem solved.