5G mature markets feedback

Hello 5G Experts.

(Question for 5G mature markets where 5G is old technology now and it’s common…)

Please tell what are most use cases used in 5G apart from throughout difference as compared to 4G.

++ low latency as compared to 4G.

Someone told me 5G having low call drop as well compared to 4G.

Is it true for 5G mature markets?

This depends more on network planning, coverage and most other aspects.

Even in 5G mature markets, 5G calling/VoNR is not at mature stage.

And EPSFB is actually call on VoLTE.

Yes VoNR still far away.

Here I mean PS call over 5G having low drop rate as compared to 4G.

In 4G most common reason seen RLF or ue lost for call drop all due to radio conditions.

For 5G, is there any improved value seen for SINR as compared to 4G being it’s beamforming for 5G?

Improvements on lower bands.

Higher bands still suffer, as per my experience.