5G Layer in Massive MIMO

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I’d like to know what the means layer in 5G technology, how working and the maximum quantity typically used in the uplink and downlink. If it’s possible, could you explain about layer with MIMO technology? Is there some logic with the beams from the antenna?

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look at layer as a “data stream”, how it is physically transmitted is a different thing. For example two layers can be transmitted in a single direction (beam) using code multiplex, or you can have each layer transmitted in a different direction (beam) …this is linked to MU-MIMO.
In 5G standard, UE can support up to 8DL and 4UL layers.
How many layers can do MaMIMO active antenna? That’s down to implementation but vendors in general support 16 layers in DL, some do 32 already. Meaning you can for example transmit 4DL layers to 4 users separated in space (MU-MIMO).

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