5G KPI for standalone / non standalone and counters


Can any one share the list of KPi for

  1. Accessibility
  2. Retainability
  3. Integrity
  4. Mobility
  5. Utilization

For any vendors?

Counters for measurement the KPI.

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5G, 4G & VoLTE KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) / Business KPIs

From my current experience & we all know that KPI Optimization (especially for RAN) can be a complex topic, but identifying the correct set of KPIs across multiple technologies & domains can be more challenging at times.

With 5G coming into the picture & with countless devices connecting each other… lakhs of KPIs & Counters reported… It is humanly not possible to monitor all of the KPIs in a go, even using AI / ML we can flag the issues but the main question is, which KPIs are to be considered as business-impacting or customer-impacting KPIs?

The following table summarizes key KPIs for 5G, 4G & VoLTE wireless technology along with multiple domains.

In my upcoming post, I will share key KPIs / counter Names for multiple OEMs / Vendors.

// Please note, 5G KPIs are considered for only NSA deployment.
// Latency & RTT along with operational / transport KPIs play a vital role in planning the 5G network & driving the commercial / enterprise 5G / 5G use cases and 5G - related requirements.