5G indoor distributed Massive MIMO doubles network capacity

Build Premium 5G to Supercharge Smart 2022 Asian Games
5G indoor distributed Massive MIMO doubles network capacity in the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center

All 3 in same time!!! Hmm… difficult to believe it…

Recently Ericsson publicized UL MIMO 315 Mbps :grinning:

But not for 3 UE in same time same PCI :slight_smile:
Like in picture.
All 3 phones are with PCI776 in NR.

Yes, 1 UE.
This is TDD 2-3
Means UL resource > 60%.

Huawei PHU can play the log test?

Do you mean it’s a replay?

If real time test, 3 UE nearby?

That’s why I said difficult to believe 3 UE in same time, same cell in UL with such a good Throughput.

But it’s in the article: “China Mobile Zhejiang adopted 2.6 GHz + 4.9 GHz dual-band networking for the project. The 4.9 GHz band was used to deploy the capacity layer on which Huawei’s indoor distributed Massive MIMO was deployed and 2:3 slot assignment was configured. This combination enabled a single cell to provide an uplink rate of 1.2 Gbps. In addition, 16x16 ultra-narrow precise beamforming was implemented by leveraging the high-performance antennas to efficiently isolate interference. Tests in the grandstand areas on both floors 2 and 3 of the stadium showed that indoor distributed Massive MIMO could eliminate interference between cells, helping to increase the uplink capacity by 50% over 4T4R cells.

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2.6 GHz + 4.9 GHz, 2.6Ghz (b38) is LTE band and 4.9Ghz (n79) is NR band, NSA b38_n79, right?