5G icon in phones without 5G network

Hi All.

Is anyone facing 5G symbol in realme phones without 5G network? :thinking:

Means we don’t have 5G still in some real me phones it is showing 5G!

There are 4 cases when UE displays 5g.

A, B, C and D, it depends on UE implementation.


Thanks, but remember: we didn’t launch 5G yet!

Still, it shows 5G :thinking:

Check sib2 of LTE, and higherlayerIndication parameter.

But there is no 5G launched…

So while UE is showing 5g icon as per vendor implementation while it’s out of Nr service (let’s say config D used here), then on which message we can check which config used by UE vendor?

Will it be in attach request or attach accept or inside UE capability info?

At network side you can set “upperLayerIndication” bit, this effectively turns on 5G icon. It is cell parameter. You can show 5G icon even on 4G network.