5G icon displayed, but no 5G coverage area


I know it, but how can we know which type specific handset (Samsung S23) would support?

As others said, whether UE shows 5G icon in presence of upperlayer indication or not depends on the mobile operator choice and the used config for 5G icon visibility.

I guess it has nothing to do with the handset.

Do you have 2 different UEs showing different icons under the same environment?

Thanks, I agree with you.

So not control from the operator side, but it is vendor manufacture setting.

The question is:
How we can know specific handset support type A or C or D?

Did you see upperLayerIndication-r15 true on lte sib2 ? if yes, showing 5g icon in case really connected to 5G depends on device decision on profiles.

If you dont see 5G icon at all in Samsung that means your sgnb addition was failed, in my opinion.

No vice versa.

I beleive its controled by the mobile operator and not the device manufacturer.

If you have 2 UEs from difeerent manufacturers under the same network showing different icons then you can claim its comtroled by the UE.

Yes, “device decision” can we control that from mobile equipment or not?

If not so again how can we know which type A or B or C or D the mobile equipment have?

That’s wrong, it has smth to do with handset completely.

If I got you right…

As I mentioned if it depends on the handset, we should have differnet UEs showing different icons. Have you ever seen such a thing?

Under same environment.

Same site, same location, same radio condition.

upperlayer indicatiom in sib2 is just let handset to know 4G cell has a connected 5G cell nearby so there is 5g coverage “expected”.

So it is %100 depends on handset to show off 5G icon in case it is really connected to 5G leg and transfer data or even it is not connected to 5g leg some phone can show 5G icon, this is profile above somebody posted.

Only part I am not aware that how to check handset profile.

This is the question of @Fathy_Farouk I think.

Exactly - this is my question :slight_smile: .

You might be right.

Network just sends the 1 bit information.

It can not control UE decision.

Then it’s up to UE whether show the icon or not. It’s reasonable.

But again in such a case we should see different behavior in different UEs under the same site.

Something I have never witnessed.

Could be any IE in UE capability to show which config UE support?

Last line I experienced in 5G, where icon show 5G but experienced 4G🤔