5G Glossary (terms and abbreviations) suggestion

Hello Everyone.

I am Ph.D. Candidate at the University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil. I have a Ph.D. research on 5G’s topic with a hybrid approach involving an interdisciplinary focus. Recently, I have been needing some technical information, such as definitions and conceptualizations about primary but also secondary (complementaries) technologies in face of the 5G’s perspective.

In my research, lately, I have been needing also simple and direct information about technical termsand I would like to have more website indications.

Thank you very much in advance, Marina.

Hello Marina!

I personally don’t know any sites for terms and abbreviations. I think 3GPP.org may have similar. One more option is to google any terms and abbreviations. Also you can formulate a list of such terms and share with us so we can answer quickly.

Thank you for the response.

In fact, I really need more than Google and Wikipedia, because I need to situate the information in terms of citation and cocitation. Actually, it is so important having good sources in my reasearch.

3GPP.org is good for now, thank you very much.

For research work, 3GPP and it’s Appendix are best resources.

However in 3GPP references are taken from other standard organizations too like ITU IEEE EsTI etc.

And these websites do have extensive and intensive information as well.

Moreover if you can connect with some Telcom vendor’s internships, then they can make you familiar with these terms very convenient.

Sear for vendor documents and correlate the feature description system description documents with the standards.