5G Fixed Wireless Access - A powerful alternative to fiber to the home

Hi 5G Experts.

Anyone having idea for FWA deployment?

Is it required some special parameter planning?

Is it for FR2 only?

Basically FWA use case is high speed broadband to Enterprise & Home over Air.

Major deployment aspects are:

  • Point to point or point to multipoint link planning over air.
  • Number of supported FWA device per sector or site level.
  • Capacity planning.
  • NASSI level parameter design may need in case of network slicing.

FR2 deployment is natural choice for this option of 5G deployment as at enterprise level they require very high speed and high capacity as we know FR2 can reach capacity of upto 400MHz.


So basically parameter level all settings same as FR2 site i.e. RACH parameter settings, no of transmitted SSB block, SSB block power etc

Almost all Basic parameters will remain same except some like below:

  • SrS related
  • QCI related
  • PDCCH load para
  • PRB usage para
  • Mimo para
  • Etc as per Operator requirement.