5G DL Reference Signal: Demodulation Reference Signal - DMRS

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This Video will clarify all the basic understanding regarding 5G DL DMRS for PDSCH different configurations, PBCH & PDCCH, and it will also explain most of the use cases of PDSCH-DMRS-related parameters.

The below is covered in this video.


  1. DMRS for PDSCH Configurations and main parameters
  2. DMRS for PBCH
  3. DMRS for PDCCH

YouTube: :point_right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydQlAsxef-U

Studying Source:

  • 5G NR in Bullets
  • 3GPP Reference TS 38.211~38.214 & TS 38.331

This Article will cover most of the related aspects and details about the 5G Downlink Demodulation Reference Signal (DL DMRS)

The article will go through all DL DMRS Types, which is summarized in the below picture.


Now, Let`s go through DL DMRS in more detail: :point_down: