5G different slices

Hi Everyone,
In 5G network, are you aware if different slices are defined.
Or just EMBB is currently used to provide 5G subscribers with fast Throughput?

Slices work with SA only.
Not with NSA.

So it is not deployed anywhere yet, except some testing cases?
Are you or anyone aware about Drone to Drone Communication?

Something like that…


Connected Car, V2X, Robots, etc.
All promised by 5G.
Latency game, but practically on sites 60 ms observed, that’s too high.

It is weird!
How we should expect 5G coverage at hundreds of meters of altitude in the air?

I was in meeting yesterday with NCSU (New York City State University) discussing some 5G uses cases.
They achieved 65 ms D2D communication using LTE eNdeB.
And drone are colliding to each other.
5G goal is to achieve around 1 ms latency using intel updated GPU and research from NCSU in cooperation with AERPAW with US PAWR and our SAS solution.

I agree with you.
What should we do to get 1 ms?
Parameter optimization never help…

The buzz and hype about 5G is high.
High SCS will help latency a lot.

mmWave deployment very slow, even most of UE doesn’t support it.
I don’t think operators go for mmWave more frequent due to less wavelength.

We are expecting doing that in private network (campus) having 5G.
Even frequency ranges won’t be be the key point here since the goal is the latency, not high throughputs. Good radio conditions is critical, beam forming can be helpful.
Do you have an idea or a document on how the slice will be defined on 5G gnodeb?
Not necessary vendor specific.
And in this case, does the drone need to have simcard embedded or not?

We need to define slice selection information MO class where we mapped it with service type.

Is it only related to configuration on the existing gnodeb?
What about having simcard on the drone or the vehicle in V2V Communication?

Yes, on gnobe and then we need to define at AMF end/other core nodes.

In SA network, correct?
How many networks in the world have SA deployed and operating normally?

Yes correct, SA.

Mobile Edge Computing servers is the key to latency in 5G.
If we don’t have Edge servers latency will be suffering.

What interface there is it for NSA or SA or both?
How is this connected?

Check 3gpp WID UAS in SA2 for details.


Ok, for user traffic mean SA only.