5G Course: 5G UE positioning, timing advance AoA, AoD, OTDOA, Multi-cell RTT 5G PRS, 5G SRS, 5G MDT

New 5G video from Gleb Marchenko

From the author:

In this video, I explain 5G UE positioning (5G device localization) with possible 5G geolocation use cases. I also discuss positioning accuracy for 5G cellid, round trip time, 5G timing advance, 5G Positioning Reference Signal (5G PRS), 4G OTDOA, Angle of Arrival (5G AoA), Angle of Departure (5G AoD) methods. I explain how massive antennas array and large bandwidth can help to increase resolving of positioning signals.:satellite: You can find also example of basic questions about 5G security and privacy related to PII (Personally Identifiable Information), geo location MDT data from users. In addition, an overview of 5G Positioning Architecture with Location and Management Function (5G LMF) and Gateway Mobile Location Center (5G GMLC).

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:alarm_clock:Time codes:
00:20 - Positioning vs Localization
01:13 - Positioning use-cases
01:53 - Positioning technologies
02:36 - Cellular positioning evolution
03:30 - Possible accuracy
04:02 - Cell ID based solutions
04:45 - Time Difference of Arrival
06:00 - Multi-cell Round Trip Time
07:02 - 5G AoA and AoD
07:54 - Resolution vs Accuracy
09:13 - Combined positioning example
09:43 - Positioning in 5G Releases
11:32 - 5G LMF and 5G GMLC
12:58 - Why 5G suitable for positioning services?
14:55 - Why 5G need PRS?
17:03 - 5G PRS muting and interference
18:26 - 5G advanced positioning cases
19:56 - 5G MDT overview
21:26 - Security and Privacy aspects
23:11 - My recommendations

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