5G cell radius for SA and NSA

Hi Guys,
Does anyone have idea on 5G cell radius for SA and NSA what is recommended and why?

Cell radius, i think, will depend on spectrum band used. For band freq FR1 for example, the cell radius will be greater than one used for FR2 band.

Cell radius is very much connected with downtilt for the cell and cell’s footprint and overshooting. Despite what vendors recommend (typical value of 3 km) I suggest to keep the value of this parameter to values like 20-30 kms to avoid rach failure, rrc failures and ho failures from users served from long distance and also to avoid users with “no service” on phone due to this parameter. This parameter is very important. More details here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/serbescu_another-3g-4g-and-5g-topic-that-needs-to-activity-6672917104095719424-TcQX