5G Carrier Aggregation explained

5G Carrier Aggregation is set to deliver a significant performance boost to mobile users but what is it and how does it work?

Read more in this article, explained by Nokia.

5G Carrier Aggregation explained



I do not see any low level explanation, this CA is for 5G SA.
They even did not mention 5G NSA CA which is maximum with 2 carriers.

5G Carrier Aggregation

Carrier Aggregation is a technique to combine multiple carriers - to achieve multi-Gigabit 5G data rates

It can be done through -
• Inter-band carrier aggregation
• Intra-band contiguous carrier aggregation
• Intra-band non-contiguous carrier aggregation

Note : In practical scenarios it is observed that number of multiple carriers supported by the devices (both at base station and UE level) are quite limited and are in evolving state

Watch Youtube video on it: :point_down: