5G call flow clarification what message will appear before MIB


In 5G standalone network n78 band when Ue switched on what are things will Ue will do before the start of MIB, Whether it will communicate with gNB before MIB message , i need clarity on this


For cell search activity when Ue powered ON what message will be received to camp on the gNB

I think it will try to do downlink synchronization first. It tries to detect SSBs which have PSS SSS and PBCH. This allows it to time, frequency syncho, find the cell ID, and decode mib

When i am switching on Ue i am getting NR5G NAS MM5G State and NR5G NAS MM5G Service Request before getting MIB, How its possible

as per call flow

5. MIB
6. SIB1

is it correct ???

drive test tools may show higher layer messages with the time stamp of internal generation, but they may be transmitted physically later inside a RRC message

Service request not possible before MIB. Expand Mili second time stamp to more than 3-4 digits.
And sort ascending, you may find MIB is before …