5G Building Blocks

5G technology is focused on providing better wireless connectivity and to achieve it efficiently, following techniques/advancements are incorporated. Key building blocks of 5G technology are -

· Disaggregated RAN & Core - Splitting key functions among different nodes to manage different services and applications (real time and non-real time).

· Software enabled Network enables flexibility and development velocity with simultaneous reduction in capital and operating expenses through the adoption of open-source software and continuous evolution through CI/CD.

· Virtualization decouples infrastructure and extracts required functions virtually. Orchestration coordinates the lifecycle of virtual network functions to realize required service (e.g., slicing).

· Cloudification enables convenient, on demand access to shared pool of configurable resources in the network through virtualization.

· Innovation happening by leveraging machine learning (ML) to enable more efficiency

· Software defined network (SDN) helps to enable resilient traffic engineering at layer2/3

· Multi access edge computing (MEC) helps to move network resources and functions closer to the users and enable multiple emerging applications having stringent requirement of roundtrip time and processing of huge amount of data at edge.

· Robust transport connectivity is prerequisite to connect disaggregated access network and core network.

· Network Slicing for enabling new use cases through virtually slicing the underlying infrastructure

Watch video on YouTube: :point_right: 5G Building Blocks : SDN, NFV, Cloud, Slicing, MEC (Part of 5G course - Link in description) - YouTube