5G backhaul/fronthaul - but with lasers?

First commercial 5G Open RAN over lasers!

A new 5G demonstration at a lab in Sydney has used a laser to deliver a 5G backhaul link with 10 Gbps capacity, using commercial equipment from a startup as well as Open RAN vendor Mavenir.

Venture-backed, Singapore-based start-up Transcelestial conducted the demonstration at the University of Technology Sydney.

Transcelestial said that the demo was a collaboration with partners including Open RAN vendor Mavenir and Austrialian wireless tech consultancy ALLDAS Solutions, which focuses on in-building infrastructure and use cases.

Dr. Ray Kirby, professor and UTS Tech Lab Centre director (L) and Chantra Hang, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Country Manager for Transcelestial. (Image: Transcelestial)

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