5G Advanced - Factories of the Future (FF) Architecture

One of the reasons for this presentation was the remark made at the “What’s ahead for 5G Advanced” webinar on Feb. 15th by the 3GPP SA1/WG1 Chair Jose L. A. Ch. (SA1 WG is responsible for identifying the “Requirements for Group Service & System Aspects” for 5G) that “Enterprises struggle/have difficulties with the 3GPP Specifications for 5G”.

This is not unexpected due to the background of the people hired and currently taking place at both, Enterprises and Vendors side as a result of the pursued in the last decade “lower TCO” and MNOs intentional & deliberate decision to keep their Networks Capabilities at 5G Rel-15 & Rel-16 Functionalities with their CNs compliant to 4G LTE (EPS, that is 3GPP 5G Option-3 implementation).

To facilitate for both, Enterprises and Vendors, to hereby hopefully be able to get some insights into the 1st 5G Release (1st 5G Advanced Release) that aims to fulfill the vision(s) for having a System E2E Functional Operation in the Network to meet the specified Service QoS Requirements for User Services, which deployment (Rel-18 date) is set now to March 2024, attached hereby is the input on 5G Factory of the Future (FF) Architecture specification with the ServiceRequirements with KPIs.

The “Key Point” to take into account is that all these (5G) Specifications are now available to Anyone & Everyone, 7 Days a Week, 24h a Day, so it is not a matter of “if”, but more of a “when”, those Specifications will start rolling out in the Market(s)…and the confusing aspect is that neither Enterprises ask for help to get an insight/understanding into those Specifcations, nor the Vendors make an effort to fuerther elaborate on them to eluciate some key aspects in those Specification providing New/unprecedented Capabilities in 5G, on both, Network & Application Layers…

In fact, one may even argue that it might be actually the opposite…Hopefully, “this presentation” might be of some help and assistance, to both, the Enterpises and Vendors… (Ref.: 3GPP, 5G Advanced Rel(s)., June, Dec., 2023).

LinkedIn (credits) and Complete Presentation: :point_down: