5G Advanced: Evolution towards 6G

The 5G evolution starting with Release 18 is called 5G Advanced. This paper provides an overview of 5G Advanced to show the advantages of its technology components with regard to network performance and capabilities. Guidance is provided on which features to expect in 5G Advanced and how those features enhance and enrich the already deployed 5G networks.

5G New radio (NR) and 5G core (5GC) evolution is continuing in 3GPP toward 5G Advanced, to ensure the success of 5G systems globally and to expand the usage of the 3GPP technology by supporting different use cases and verticals. AI/ML will play an important role in 5G Advanced systems in addition to other technology components providing support for extended reality (XR), reduced capability (RedCap) devices, and network energy efficiency. While Ericsson 5G networks already support AI/ML and XR use cases and requirements in an energy efficient manner, it is essential to enhance the 5G standards to improve multi-vendor support and provide better device and network cooperation. The 5G Advanced standardization is an important step in the evolution of cellular wireless access toward 6G.