5G-6G Use Cases with AI

AI is crucial for 5G and 6G networks due to its ability to manage complexity, optimize performance, and improve efficiency.
For 6G, AI’s role expands to enable even more sophisticated capabilities such as intelligent network slicing and dynamic resource allocation, paving the way for ultra-personalized services and seamless integration of new technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing.

Please join me in the first open session of 2024 where I talk about 5G-6G Use Cases with Artificial Intelligence.

Details are given below-

5G-6G Use Cases with Artificial Intelligence

Date :- Friday , 16th Feb’2024
Time :- 7 - 9 PM (Indian Standard Time)
Mode :- Online (Webex)
Instructor – Sanjay Kumar (Sanjay Kumar ↗️ - TelcoLearn | LinkedIn) , Founder TelcoLearn

Topics Covered:-

Need of AI in Telecom/5G
Why is it more crucial in 6G?
Overview of AI, ML, DL, and DS
Generative AI and LLM
Some Important areas for 5G Use cases with AI
Some 6G Research Areas with AI intervention

Use this link to register - 5G-6G Use Cases with AI - Open Session - 16th Feb

This session covered:

  • Need of AI in Telecom / 5G
  • Fundamentals of AI, ML, DL and DS
  • AI Models in 5G
  • Impact of AI in Telecom
  • AI Use Cases in Telecom

Watch the Video on YouTube: :point_right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICMClFZczWA

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