5 DWDM deep technical interview Questions

  1. What is DGE?

    It’s dynamic gain equalizer

    Used to adjust optical power on channel basis, dynamically adapt power/ channel to enhance the DWDM system performance

  2. How flexGrid affect the spectrul efficiency ?

    By fitting more channels in the same bandwidth, it allows finer granularities of optical channels 37.5 , 25 , 12.5 , 6.25 GHz, that would enhance the throughout by 33%

  3. What’s C+L combination ?

    C band and L band is the best choice for DWDM solutions from the attenuation point of view, to increase system capacity you can design your system to work on both of them

  4. What’s the advantages and disadvantages of increasing modulation in DWDM ?

    Using higher order modulation can increase the system capacity on the same bandwidth, but also can cause decreasing / limiting the distance of transmission, for ex Qpsk can reach longer distances than 16 QAM.

  5. How electrical layer grooming can enhance the DWDM system efficiency ?

    To increase system efficiency you can pay effort to improve latency, availability or grooming.

    Grooming has 2 types : electrical and optical.

    Electrical grooming called L1 or OTN grooming.

    Electrical grooming help to increase the system capacity and utilization.

    Combining low rate services in to one channel is the L1 grooming.

    For example : if you have multiple 1G or 10 G capacity you can combine them and Transport them over single channel using single transponder card.

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