4x4 virtual antenna in Nokia

Hi folks,

Does anyone knows if Nokia 2x2 bisector antenna can be used as 4x4 virtually?

No, you need all 4 antenna covering the same sector for 4x4 MIMO, whereas bisector antenna have very smal overlap between lobes.

In 2017Q1 Huawei has done such testing and included in 3GPP.
I am aware of Huawei and ZTE.
I’m asking for Nokia.

That is a fixed beam solution, typically used for FWA, popular in MEA region.

Can you guys please explain what is 4x4 virtual antenna ? Thanks

When 2x2 Bisector antenna installed in a sector then it can be used as 4x4 virtually where bisector antenna beam overlap

Nokia has a solution which deploys a “MMIMO-like” solution to provided up to 1:4 sector split (virtual sector) with 4x4 MIMO. 1:2 also supported.

Not sure if is this what you are referring to, but, this is a specific solution, and quite new. Not sure if it is already GA.

Can u pls share the feature id