4T4R radio for low band (700MHz)

Hey guys.

Does anyone know a vendor that has 4T4R radio for low band (700MHz)?

If so, any available radio datasheet?

Seen Nokia Airscale doing 2T4R but not seen 4T4R yet.

In India they are doing 4T4R TDD 2.3.

NOKIA AHPB AirScale RRH 4T4R B28 320W.

Also NOKIA AHPCA AirScale Dual RRH 4T4R B5/28 320W

but UE in low band < 1Ghz just support 2-layers.

Does anyone have seen networks deployed low band 700 / 800 / 900 MHz 4T4R?

Deployed in Telstra Australia with 2 antennas diversity.

Minimum 1.5 - 2m distance between antennas.

Yes, Telstra deploying 700 on 4T4R.

What is the percentage of Rank 3/4 Usage typically observed in low band?

Did some tests around here, and it wasn’t convincing.

Most devices don’t support 4x4 in low band.

There are some improvements on cell edge throughput and quality, but still not that much cost benefits in our opinion here.

Low band is intended for remote areas and deep indoor users.

Hardly user will be able to get Rank 3 to Rank 4.


In my opinion deploying 4x4 in low band is not cost effective.

Lower the frequency, larger will be the wavelength.

Now Antenna size is half the wavelength.

For 4 X 4 , we need to deploy array antennas which will occupy huge space at the lower frequency band.

Hence apart from the cost, Antenna dimension will be bulky.

Seen it in Orange Mali.

Not much gain due to low number of models supporting 4x4 in low bands.