4T4R MIMO in LTE with no rank 3 and 4

Hi Experts,
When 4T4R MIMO configuration is set in 4G network and HW also is 4 feeders per antenna but no rank 4 and 3, what is problem?

Cell.TxRxMode = 4T4R
Cell.CrsPortNum = CRS_PORT_4
Cell.CrsPortMap = 4T4P_0321
CellDlschAlgo.MaxMimoRankPara = SW_MAX_RAN_4
eNodeBAlgoSwitch.CompatibilityCtrlSwitch = Tm3Tm4Max4LayerCtrlSwitch

When I check Dsp VSWr , it has value for feeders.

Cell dlschalgo make as sw_rank4.
If your RRU support 4T4R.

Yes, RRU support.

Yes, all settings is ok.

Please check connection RU - antenna physical ports.

Check MIMO cabling.
If wrong cabling you will not get rank 3.
Rank4 is anyway less than 5% of samples.

If we have RU issue, we should have VSWR alarm, no?
(No VSWR observed in the case).

port A should go to +45 and port B to -45 another antenna.
Similar you should check for C and D.

Thanks. :pray:

How we can check this?

Go on site and check cabling.
Or from OSS I think there is a way… (but i don’t know the commands)