4G LTE Important QXDM Log Packets

QXDM is most widely used tool in wireless 4G,5G technology to capture Qualcomm based Mobile signalling and data details logs for debugging purpose. Whether it is Field testing or Lab testing, initial product development or carrier acceptance QXDM is most accepted tool.

In this post, we tried to put some of very import Logs packets information to help Wireless Test Engineers, how they can make best use of QXDM to debug any issue.

Is there any log packet for CA in QXDM?

There’s no separate log packet for CA.
CA Activation / Deactivation comes in MAC CE, which is shown in MAC DL TB block Log packet.
CA Configuration is however in RRC Message.

Any packet to see Scell Beam information?
Could only find for the Pscell in NR.


I haven’t looked for Scell beam information, good question.
Will need to check some UE logs.

Thanks! Do let me know if you find that filter. Would be helpful. :wink:

So far as I know Pscell and Scell beam change happens at the same time.
I mean Pscell and Scell will be in the same beam.

You don’t need to calculate.
QXDM can display throughput for each layer.
You will need to create and save a filter .dmc file and load it when collecting logs.

Is it?
But I think the beams if each cell can be controlled independently.
At least is Testing environment.

For FR2 it will be the same, mostly I havent seen any different beams in Scell so far in commercial deployment.
Unless they are on different bands.

In NR currently CA is only supported in Scell.
I meant from UE capability prespective of Commercial UEs.

Please let me know which parameter select to make this one (.dmc filter).

For Test Environment I have seen.
We can generate different beam powers for different cells.
So beam 1 on Pscell can be good while beam 3 on Scell.