4G Interfreq Handover Delay Optimizaton

Dear Experts,
Now i facing interfrequency handover delay from L18 to L21 site.As per checking the Drive test result.The UE is waiting under RSRP -115 around and Handover occour.If L18 RSRP is greater than the -115 it means it around -100dBm Handover not happen whatever neighbor L21 is how much getting good RSRP.The Event use A6.As i check the Inter HO group RSRP is -113dBM for A2,A5.
My Question Is
Can I adjust the Cell individual offset to make faster handover from L18 to L21 without waiting to low coverage under -113 around to specific related cells?
If can adjust this value,How much should be?

Hopefully Thanks.

Hello @HEIN.

Offsetting wouldn’t yield desire change.

May I which direction you intend to trigger HHO?

Also which vendor?