4G CSFB with RIM activated


In 4G CSFB with RIM is activated and 3G cell info is sent successfully in the 4G release msg.

The problem is that UE still receives all MIB/SIB info in 3G before RRC Connection Request which wastes around 300mSec.

Any idea why this is happening?

Vendor Nokia.

In Huawei we have a option to check the RIM associations by running the command DSP GERANINFO or UTRANINFO where we can see the exact associations.

Secondly in Nokia, RIM is controlled by eNodeB or Core?

Do you have extra neighbors added? Other than 1st tier and collocated?

In Nokia we can verify from the NBR relation → there is a flag to indicate if working fine or not. And it is working fine.

3G counter is pegging to indicate NBR info is transferred to 4G.

Large number of NBRs on the cell but the cell info in the 4G release msg corresponds to the collocated.