4G cell selection reselection

In LTE what is the criteria for cell selection reselection from 4G cell to 4G cell & 4G cell to 2G cell and vice versa?


It is based on your network setting
Based on triggering setting
You can check it ,mainly should be RSRP
Because RSRQ dependent on user load and impacted but you can try it as trial as well .

Intra-Frequency reselection will be triggered when UE moves out of the serving cell coverage area defined by 2QRxLevMin + 2SIntraSearch.
UE will camp on the neighboring Intra-Freq cell whose RSRP is better than serving cell.
reslection to the GU is depend on QRXLEV - Priority of the layers as well as other parameter like Threshxlow,SNonintrasearch ,…

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