3GPP Release 18 marks the start of 5G Advanced

3GPP Release 18 marks the start of 5G Advanced.

5G Advanced will be enriched with the forthcoming Release 19, starting in 2024, with further enhancements. The main objective will be adopting Initial learnings derived from commercial 5G networks deployed in large parts of the world—additionally, support for new market segments and use cases.

5G Advanced ( 3GPP Releases 18 & 19) also provides stepping stones in essential areas in the future 6G systems.

A full-fledged 6G network could be commercially available by the end of 2027 or early 2028, with field trials as preparatory steps.

Image Source: Ericsson’s view of the 5G Advanced and 6G timeline of 3GPP

Note: beyond 2023, all are indicative