3GPP completes 5G NR Release 17

The third 5G standard will further enhance system performance and expand into new applications.

Source: Qualcomm

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In this document (e.g. page 3), they are referring to FR1 as “Sub-7” and not “Sub-6” (as i used to read)

Rel-15 eMBB focus
• Sub-7 and mmWave

Any explanation for this naming?

Makes sense.

It’s no more below 6 Ghz. We discussed it sometimes back in this forum. FR1 freq was changed in recent specs and it is now just a bit above 7 GHz.

So calling it sub-7 makes sense. :wink:

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I heard that one of the advantages of Wi-Fi 6E is the fact of working in the 6GHz range, a dedicated range only for the WiFi so it won’t get problems with interference with other kinds of equipments/signals… now I’m confused about it. If the 6ghz range will be shared with 5G technology, will we have interference problems?