3G WCDMA cells affected by different operators

Hello Experts,

Do you know if 3G cells can be impacted (as a noise) by newly operated sites from different operator?

Yes it’s posible.
This is my view:
RBS-RBS Interference (no co-location) (differente Operators)

  • Spurious emission: unwanted emission from the other operator (probabbly due to a fault in transmition equipment)
  • Blocking issue in your operator: fault in receivers capability to perform the blocking of a strong interference from the other operator
  • Isolation between systems: this could be possible in case the other operator is using, for instance, an originary GSM frequency band to deploy WCDMA or LTE technology and they don’t comply with the required Guard Band. In this example both operators are using contiguous channels

Hope it helps

Check the spectrum analyzer on the problem sites for the bandwidth in the Uplink base stations of your network. You should see the source of the interference.
Possible causes of interference:

  1. Lack of guard intervals between channels allocated to operators (UMTS - GSM). (with channel interference)
  2. Use of non-standard UMTS channels by operators.
  3. The use of incompatible equipment by frequency (example: UMTS900 and UMTS 850 incompatible use in the same network).
    In all cases there will be a high level of RTWP.

All above points are checked and considered but still we have high RTWP, so after deep checking we found the illegal repeaters that used by sub have higher impact on 900 band.

So do you have idea how we can solve it please.

Illegal repeaters? The only way I could think about is stop transmitting after a reporting to the country administration.